Fire Watch

Cum on Longjohns
During basic training we were billeted in very old buildings. They dated back to WWII. If they caught fire they would be down to the ground in 8 minutes. So, all during the night there was a soldier who would walk around the outside and inside of the building to warn the others if a fire should start. That night I had fire-watch at 4 am, which really sucks, because once I was done I had less than an hour before I had to be up for PT. It was so quiet that night. The full moon played tricks on my eyes. Sometimes the shadows looked like a 4 am hard-on growing under the thin sheets. The stiffest, hardest bone of the night. The rod that gets so hard it hurts. I’d seen plenty of them. But this one was different. It was hot and many of the sheets were covering little but skivvies and a thigh. As I looked through the lockers I saw the bunk silhouetted by the window. This guy had a major 4am bone. Standing straight up at attention. His sheet had been kicked down around his feet. He was very lowly moaning and starting to spread his legs. His hands went above his head like they were being held there by another man. He was having a major ‘spread your asshole and take it up the man pussy’ wet dream. He started to hold his knees spreading out his hole. I knew he would blow any minute. I carefully slipped into the shadow and helped myself to good hot sniff of that hot hole. In seconds he started to blow thick white jets of jizzm all over his chest and face. He was a fucking stud. He kept on spurting for a bout 30 seconds. I was amazed how silent he was. Good soldier. I quickly backed away out of sight. I could hear his breathing and I could smell the heavy odor of cum in the air. It was thick. I could almost taste it on my tongue. It seemed as though he never woke up at all. I spent my extra time after being relieved, relieving myself in the latrine.

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