Poker Night Mouth Hole

It’s a few hours before a poker game. Could be a bunch a hot fuckers watching the big game. The toilet is equipped with a couple of urinals. In between the urinals is a hole – a glory hole. My mustached mouth is right there at cock level. I have the ability to move… have to be able to do a good job, but I can’t remove my mouth from the general area of the hole in the wall. My host sets me up and goes about getting ready for the game. I start getting apprehensive about the first man to come back my way. It’s a bunch of straight guys and I don’t really know how they are going to respond to a mouth begging for their cocks right next to the pisser. My mouth starts to drool waiting for the line of full bladders parading back to my hole.
The first one starts to make his way back to my hole. Im scared, but excited. my cock is hard and my mouth is wet from spit. “What the fuck?” the first man yells. 3 or 4 of them come back to see what’s going on.
“It’s just a little added hospitatlity for my guests”, my host explains. “What the fuck are we supposed to do with this here? one of the hot fuckers asks. “anythinbg you want to do”, he said back.
“fucking faggot cocksucker… he’s going to be watching me piss all day? I plan on getting good and fucked up. I’ll be back here all the time.IMG_4923
“Well, don’t worry about it. He’s just a mouth-hole. Give him anything or nothing. He’ll be happy for any of it.”
The biggest one spit at my face and they leave the toilet. Some of them look very inrigued. I can hear them down the hall enjoyng the game and getting beer rowdy.
The big man who spit on my face is the first to come back after a couple of beers. “still got my spit on your face, huh cocksucker?”
“I can’t wipe it off, my hands are secured behind my back”, I said 
You wont be able to get me off with just you mouth faggot. How are you going to take my cock?” 
“Gve me a chance… I’ll make that fat cock feel so good, you’ll never leave.” 
IMG_4890He unbuttoned his pants and whipped his cock out. it was fat and full – with a hanging foreskin that made my knees go week and my mouth start to drool.With that he let go with a stream of piss. I could here it splashing against the ceramic. It was a hard piss. His cock started to swell a little bit. I could tell that he was starting to get turned on. he quickly pointed his meat at me and gave me a quick spray. I tryed to get every drop, but most of it hit my face and rolled down my chin.
“Faggot, stop looking at my cock!, he said 
I of course did what I was told. He buttoned up and walked away, after one more spit wad sent sailing at my face. I love this guy.
Another of my host’s buddies cam back. 
“you really like cocks, huh dude? he asked as he was whipping out his cock to piss. It was a shorter fatter cock than the guy before.
” I love cock”, I told him. He gave me a little shot of piss right before he was done pissing. “Lick the dribble off my cock than mouth boy. I don’t want a drop in my shorts.”
I did as I was told and got my first taste of cock head of the evening. It started to get fatter in my mouth. He wasn’t ready for how good it felt and he started to get hard. It flustered him a little and he went back out to his buddies and the game. I could hear them teasing him about the hard-on that he couldn’t hide from his friends. “Hey man, look… this guy has a hungry mouth back there.” They all laughed as i heard them getting more beer out of the fridge.
The next man to come in was a hot construction worker type of guy. He pulled his meat out and waved it at me some. “you like this cock faggot?” You want to suck it don’t you pussy mouth?”
“yes Sir, I’d love to suck your cock.” 
Mid way through his piss he pushed his hardening cok in my mouth and made me drink it all. “Don’t lose a drop faggot cocksucker.” I gurgled my interest and swallowed fast and hard. For my efforts, i got my first full hard-on stuffed down my throat. A few stiff thrusts, but all the way down my throat. I gagged a little but wanted more. I’m here to make cocks feel good with my mouth and throat and lips. My throat starts to open up. Im ready to start really taking cock.
It goes on like this for several hours. Verbally abusing me and my mouth, but never really using me to the best of my ability. All the while their piss streams get harder and harder. I can put my head out the hole far enough to let the piss splash out of the urinal and soak my head.
tumblr_n23q2udaYp1sr6i24o1_1280“Fucking dirty faggot cocksucker. Im going teach you.” A big daddy bear man started soaking me down with piss. They were all getting drunker now and less inhibited. This one left the door open and a couple of other guys were in there watching as I take daddy bears piss. “suck my fat cock, faggot”, he said, as he started forcing cock in my mouth. I sucked and sucked, moaning at the piss and the smell of his foreskin and the cum starting to bubble up through his heavy nuts. He backed off a little and let loose with 5 or 6 cum blasts at my face. I was a cum soaked mouth pussy now and the fun was just starting.
“That fucker really knows how to suck a cock.” I was so proud. Now there’s a little crowd around my mouth hole and they’re starting to watch their buddies get off. One would spit at my face and another would piss at me some. But without exception, one by one they would feed me they’re sweet thick sticky man juice. The jizz on face would mix with the load from the nxt man. I was a covered mess of jizzm and it only turns them on more. They start taking turns filling my mouth with cock and piss and cum. all the while laughing at me and calling me a dirty mouth hole while I service and worship them like I know they need and deserve. I’m here for them and I’ll be there all night just waiting to serve more. I’m a pussy-mouthed cock hole and I’m waiting for you too. ;>O~

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