Alpha Attitude

There’s a certain kind of guy who really gets mycock chubby. I’ve always been drawn to them. they are ‘cocky’ to say the least. but, they are not mean, they know everyone wants them. It’s not hubris, it’s just true. this guy in the gif drives me nuts with his twinkling eye and his hard dick like a club, slapping against his hand like you know he would slap your tongue while you were doing anything he may need or want.
they know chicks and dudes are checking them out and everyone knows that he has a big dick and they all want at it. He know it, and when he’s ready. he’ll pick some lucky winning cocksucker.
The best news is that this hot fucking Alpha Man has a horny blog and is an escort… Check Him Out
I know I’d pay for it. Drool, drool, drool!

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