Graphic Meat Collection

I thought I’d give a little background on these shots and graphic manipulations. I was at this kind of sleazy hotel in Central Florida a while back. I had a room and I was fishing for cock as dudes were walking around along the balcony. They were checking things out if a door was open a little bit (or wide open), lights on with windows open… that sort of thing. One guy went by and stopped for a look around into my room. I had the door about half way open. He leaned in the doorway and hit me up with some really lackluster attempt at a come on. he was hot, though, so when he started to turn to take off, I said, “Can I take pictures of you? I’m a photographer”. He immediately came back in the room. And he shut the door. I had some Beers so we drank a couple as he looked around and getting comfortable… taking off clothes as we talked. He told me he just gets really turned on by the camera. The next thing I know, he’s jacking off and pulling dildos out of his bag and greasing everything up… stuffing Heineken bottles up his hole as he jacked his big cock. He was fun. I turned the photos into this collection, but I’ll be adding some of the actual shot too. I really loved his hands the most. Hope you enjoy.

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